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Dance ChristchurchStudio Info & Hire
2 Studios For Hire: Salsa Latina Dance Centre has studios available for hire.
Ideal for dance practice, fitness training & any other activity. If you wish to run a dance or fitness or martial arts related programme or classes please get in contact with us >

Salsa Latina Dance Studio Location:
12 Bath St, Christchurch, New Zealand
New Zealand, see maps and parking information here >

Salsa Latina Dance Centre has:
• Main Reception Desk Area which leads to all studios
• Reception/Lounge Area with Kitchenette, x2 Dance Studios, 2 toilets, Dance Shop
• Drinks Fridge with sports drinks & water etc for purchase.
• Rimu Flooring throughout.
• Locker Room & Hall connecting to all studios.
• x80+ Stacking chairs & x6 folding tables (4 small & 2 large) & a Small Round table
• Reception has small Table & 4 Chairs, Bar with 5 stools & Sofa
• Loads of parking available
... see Photo & Map here >
Salsa Latina at 12 Bath Street, Christchurch
Salsa Latina Dance Centre Outside (left) & Reception Lounge area (right & below)

Dance Studios
Recent addition: Studio wall knocked down to make it bigger.

Studio#1 - Main Dance Studio:
• 2 Full walls of Mirrors @ 90 Degrees.
• Studio Floor size = 200+m2 - ideal for large classes & events
• Large Sound System
- CD/DVD/MP3 player, Large Sound System (JBL, Bose & Warfdale Sub) + Extra Speakers + ipods & Computers input
• Air Conditioning/ Heat pump & Fans
• x3 fixed coloured floodlights, for shows & dance parties yellow, LED strip lights & sound activated LED Party lights & Mirror/Disco Ball.
• Ballet Bars
Salsa Latina Studio1
Click image to see Just LED Party Lighting

Studio#2 - Dance & Practice Studio (Previously known as Studio#3)
• Ideal for regular classes, practice & fitness activities
• Yoga Matts
• Rimu Flooring
• Fans
• Chairs, tables & whiteboard
• Large Sound System, CD player + ipods & Computers input
• Mirrors, full wall of mirrors (2parts)
• Ballet Bars could be added if required.
• Studio Size = Approx 90m2

Hire Rates:
Depending on the use of the hire there's 3 types of hire usages all with different rates:
Dance ChristchurchEvents Hire:
If you want to hire this venue for public or group events & parties, cleaning is required for events.
Note: we don't hire out for general alcoholic based parties & 21st etc & we dont hire out studio#2 by itself.
- Extra Fees may also apply please see below for Rubbish and Cleaning
- 1st time hire rate: $45ph (includes reception area & Studio#1 only)
- Full rate: $40ph (includes reception area & studio#1 only)
- Venue Rate: $50ph (whole venue)
Dance ChristchurchGeneral & Class Hire:
If you want to hire for generally for practice, training, Fitness, Photography etc.
If you want to hire this venue to run classes, courses, workshops etc. If you are running a course or continuous class, this includes some free advertising.
- Extra Fees may also apply please see below for Rubbish and Cleaning
• Studio#1
- $40ph *Full Rate (Mon-Thurs 5:30pm - 9:30pm)
- $30ph *Off-peak times (Weekends & Times outside of Full rate)
- $25ph *Day Rate (Monday - Friday before 4:30pm)
• Studio#2
- $25ph *Full Rate (Anything outside of day rate)
- $20ph *Day Rate & Off-peak times (Monday - Friday before 4:30pm)
Dance ChristchurchPractice Rate:
For practice or private lessons etc with a maximum of 3 people, if more than 3 people then it's general hire as above. Note: Booking can be canceled at any time. If you want full security you will need to hire at General rate, see above.
This booking doesnt have a specified Studio number, you just need to fit in either studio#1 or studio#2.
In other words, give way to other bookings and move into another studio if requested.
- $15ph *Full Practice Rate: if you have hired more than once.
- $10ph *Special Day Rate (Monday - Friday before 4:30pm)
Dance ChristchurchExtra Fees
- Cleaning $70 fee if required, if you leave the place messy a cleaning fee could be added
(includes rearrangement of chairs & other items)
- Rubbish Fee could also be added. Please removed rubbish into the bins.
If more than 15 litres of rubbish is produced please take it aways as we don't have capacity for this.

Dance ChristchurchWhat do you need to do, to hire?
You'll need to contact us to work out times for your booking and schedule a meeting to show you around and all the in's and out's of operation at the studio.
You'll need to sign a hire agreement with a bond fee & a sign up fee of $10.
If you are booking a practice time when there are others running classes no hire agreement is needed.
Use the contact form below on this website here

Salsa Latina Dance Centre Plan
Salsa Latina PLan
Salsa Latina Plan for 12 Bath Street
Click to Enlarge


iCal Booking Live Links
Click each of the below links to subscribe to each & individual studio.
We suggest when subscribing to the booking above that you change each studio to the suggested colours.
Works best with apple products, iphone & macs, but look online for adding to calendars for PC's & other smart phones & google calendar. Turn off notifications so you are not bombarded with notifcations.
• Studio#1 (Red) Main studio
• Practice Rate (Studio#1 or 2) (Green) This booking can be moved around
• Studio#2 (Purple) Back studio
Please be aware this does not mean the dance centre is empty when there are no bookings.

Booking & Enquiry Form
Full Name:
Email Address:
Have your hired & signed a contract with us before?
Which Studio number & rate to hire?
What Day, Date, time & length of time in hours would you like?
Your Location / Country:
Comments & questions:
Add me to the email list & newsletter:....... Yes

Disclaimer: We endeavour to make our classes safe & fun. However, "Salsa Latina ltd" regretfully can't take responsibility for any accidents & injuries you might experience by taking our classes. Proceed at your own risk. You agree to this disclaimer once submitted.

Enter 4 digit Code ->
Security Code (type the 4 numbers you see to the left in the box)

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