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salsa timing cd Christmas Break for Danza Latina, We re-open again on the 7th January 2008...
view on the timetable here>

Danza Latina Christmas Party at Zymergy

Feliz Navidad


salsa timing cd Danza latina Christmas Party - We hope you had a great night! The bar staff at Zymergy did a numbers check, at one stage with over 110 people in this bar at once and still managed to fit in and have a great party and dance! We where impressed! Thanks to those that came from out of town, Auckland, Nelson, Blenheim & Hong Kong to name a few. Also to the performers of the night Riki & Amelia (Bachata) and Simon & Stayc (Cha). We will be looking at placing another Danza Latina Saturday party in January to kick off another great year.
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salsa timing cd

Regular Salsa Nights NOT running over Christmas period
• Loaded Hog wont be running this week 27th and starts back on the 3rd Jan
• City Club wont be running for 28th & 4th starts back 11th Jan
• Zymergy wont be running on the 30th - Starts back 6th Jan
• We haven't heard back from Mex on the 4th - keep an eye on our timetable

See our timetable online to see a clearer picture >

salsa timing cd

Congratulations to Beginners and Improvers on Mondays.
Both of these levels have now completed their 8 week course and progress to the next level. Beginners on Monday can now start in Improvers and Improvers on Monday are now Intermediate, join in any course at this new level. Remember if you don't feel confident to move up to the next level you could repeat you level or why not do both? Private lessons can also make a huge difference.

NEW Beginner Salsa Class - Mondays - 7th Jan
salsa timing cd Start date: Monday 7th January
salsa timing cd Time: 6:15 - 7:15 (every week for 8 weeks)
salsa timing cd Merengue & Salsa Class (Linear salsa On1)
Learn Latin dance basics and motion. No Dance partner required & no experience needed. FREE First Class (no obligation)
salsa timing cd Teachers: Reuben & Nikal
salsa timing cd Enrol in this salsa class Enrol Now, FIRST CLASS FREE >
salsa timing cd Dance Class Location: Danza Latina, 140 Barbadoes St Room 107, at the Music Centre Christchurch, New Zealand. See the map for further details.http://www.danzalatina.co.nz/dance-studio.html

NEW Improvers Salsa Class - Mondays - 7th Jan
salsa timing cd Start date: Monday 7th January
salsa timing cd Time: 7:20 - 8:20 (every week for 8 weeks)
salsa timing cd Salsa Class (Linear salsa On1) Learn all the NY On1 linear salsa fundamentals
salsa timing cd Teachers: Reuben & Nikal
salsa timing cd Enrol in this salsa class Enrol Now, FIRST CLASS FREE >
salsa timing cd Dance Class Location: Danza Latina, 140 Barbadoes St Room 107, at the Music Centre Christchurch, New Zealand. See the map for further details.http://www.danzalatina.co.nz/dance-studio.html

Salsa Audition

Thursday 3rd January 2008

Time: 8pm - 9pm

Open audition in Salsa

Become part of Salsa Sabrosa dance troupe in Salsa....
Take your dancing to a new level!
Train with some of the best salsa dancers in New Zealand to perform and compete in the South Islands salsa competition & NZ nationals and congresses with
Salsa Sabrosa &/or Danza Latina.
We are looking for people who can commit to the time required to learn the routines and are serious about learning Salsa at a performance AND social level.
We don't want performers who can't or wont social dance regularly.
salsa timing cd We are also looking for POTENTIAL and KEEN learners
salsa timing cd Men and Women wanted.
salsa timing cd No experience required - some dancing experience would be ideal.
salsa timing cd No partner required - we may partner you with someone.
salsa timing cd Anyone can audition but must be 18 yrs and over.
Key members of our team are also keeping an eye out for new dance partners male & female. Must be keen to take it a level futher into couple competition & and possibly train to teach at Danza Latina.
How will the Audtion run?
We will be running this audition as we would run a salsa class but with a close watch. Reuben, Vikki &/or Nikal will demonstrate a salsa combo. We will partner you with someone and we will swap partners. People selected will be notified... and we may hold a second audition the following week. More details will be proivided on the day.
Note that this will be recorded for our reference.
Register your interest now!..here>>

New Years Eve Salsa Night @ Mex

Monday 31st Dec 2007

Latin Band, DJ's and social dancing at the Mexican Cafe, from 9:30pm

salsa timing cd FREE entry
salsa timing cd Everyone welcome

Location: Mexican Café Christchurch, Upstairs 110 Lichfield Street, Christchurch.

Salsa on Sundays @ Zymergy
salsa timing cd

Every Sunday Night 7:00pm - midnight

Zymergy Salsa

NOTE: this is night will NOT be running on the 30th December.
Starting Back for the 6th January

salsa timing cd

Danza Latina's NEW salsa dance venue at Zymergy Cocktail Bar, with social Salsa Dance Night every Sunday.

DJ SLS (Reuben - Danza Latina) will be pumping out the very best & latest of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue & Cha music all night long for your dancing pleasure. Come practice your new moves on the brand new wooden floors.
Salsa performance Dvds will be playing in the Red room out the back and Salsa dancing in the main bar all night.
Feel free to wander in before the start time and have a drink from the awesome cocktail menu or selections of nibbles.
salsa timing cd Everybody welcome
salsa timing cd Free entry
salsa timing cd

Location: Cnr Armagh & Oxford Tce,
90 Armagh St, Christchurch, New Zealand www.zymergy.co.nz

  See the Map here >
salsa timing cd See New photos in the Gallery here>

Regular Social Salsa Nights
  Regular Weekly Salsa Venues
dance event Loaded Hog Salsa Night Every Thursday 9:30pm - 12:30am
dance event City Club Salsa Night Every Friday 9:30pm - 12:30am
dance event Salsa on Sundays @ Zymergy Every Sunday 7:30pm -12:00am
  Regular Monthly Salsa Venues  
dance event Mexican Cafe Salsa Night 1st Friday of Month 10:30pm - 2am
dance event Tuskers Salsa Night 2nd Sat of Month 10pm - 12:30am
dance event Cafe Bleu w/ Latin Fire & Hot Tempo Nights Friday, Dates Vary
  More events listed on our website here >

Salsa Timing Cd's

This New Salsa CD contains essential timing, rhythms & music for salsa dancers ranging from beginners to advanced levels. It contains counts so you can get used to stepping in time with salsa and give you not only music to practice to, but knowledge of how salsa music is constructed, so you can become a better dancer. This CD has a total of 30 tracks and tempos ranging from slow 72bpm to med 86bpm. It also has a diagram on how salsa music is constructed as an aid for dancing. We use these in our own classes to teach, every class we run - we play tracks from this CD. When you dance to this music you will help keep you in time, So when you go social dancing you automatically keep in time.

salsa cd cover

© Danza Latina Ltd, sampled, composed and produced by Reuben 2007

salsa timing cd Tracks 1-11 Salsa Rhythms
Include variations of the following: 3-2 Clave, 2-3 Clave, Congas, cowbell, On1 counts, Bongos, Drums, shakers, & bass.
salsa timing cd Tracks 12-30 Instrumental Salsa
On1 counts and composed Instrumentals with many more instruments.
Price : $20 each (NZ$)
Purchase direct - just come in during class times.

Jambalaya 2008
salsa timing cd Date: 4-6th Jan 2008


salsa timing cd Jambalaya info for Salsa Dancers ....there’s heaps of Salsa at Jambalaya
salsa timing cd

Salsa Night Club at Jambalaya - Friday and Saturday night will feature a Salsa Club, with a live Salsa band direct from Australia and Dj’s until the small hours, big dance floor, new venue inside the new Energy Event Centre.

  Workshops/Jambalaya Theatre Show (Dance Showcase) - Workshops with Al Liquid Silver and Karla Espinosa (U.S.A) Vivio and Greydis (Cuba/AK) and Danika and Andrew (AK) will feature throughout the weekend as well as a big mix of Latin, Pacific, African and hip hop workshops to choose from.
salsa timing cd Jambalaya Salsa Summer Camp - Stay on after the festival to get immersed in salsa, two courses featured below include optional Marae style accommodation, five hours of intensive tuition each day, fresh water lake swimming in the late afternoons.... and a huge wrap party at the end!
salsa timing cd The courses are $250.00 for three days. - If you get a group of ten people together, the price goes down to $200.00 each, plus the organiser gets their pass free! (i.e. tenth pass free) people can be attending either of the Salsa courses on offer.
salsa timing cd

Funk up Your Salsa Performance - Al Liquid Silver and Karla Espinosa - This course is especially aimed at advanced level Salsa teams and couples who want to add serious flavour to their performance routines. You will be given performance tips and new moves throughout the course. If you come as a team or couple and learn a choreography, which you will perform as a group at the end of the course. You will also have the opportunity to have your performance routine critiqued by one of the worlds top Salsa performance duo’s. Al Espinosa has a unique explosive Salsa style that mixes hip-hop and popping and a huge amount of humour.

salsa timing cd Cuban Salsa “Cuban Feel” - Vivio and Greydis - This course is aimed at intermediate level dancers who want to get some Cuban feel into their dance style. No one moves quite like the Cubans, and no one can teach this movement and style better than Vivio and Greydis. Be prepared for a workout and lots of fun as you learn to feel the music and tune your salsa style to move like a Cuban!
salsa timing cd See the website below for more current details http://www.jambalaya.co.nz

New Zealand Pacific Salsa Congress 2008

2008 (Easter Weekend) Wellington


jamie jesus & little liz
The NZ Pacific Salsa Congress 2008 – Great news!
We have just confirmed three nights in a row at the Wellington Town Hall for the evening events at next years NZ Pacific Salsa Congress!
This means a massive dance floor, awesome stage for the NZ Salsa Selections, the International Salsa Showcase and the Cuban Show. All in easy walking distance from The Copthorne Hotel. Workshops will all once again be at Te Whaea Dance and Drama Centre. Thanks to Wellington City Council for their support.
Teachers for ’08 include world champs, Oliver and Luda! more info on the international line up announced soon……
REGISTRATION INFO.... register early to save money.
Support your dance school when registering;
Please mention ( Danza Latina ) where ever you can on registration to show support to Danza Latina at the congress. Registration opens November 1st. Register online now, get in early this is New Zealand's #1 'must' on the list of events... www.nzpacificsalsacongress.co.nz
BEGINNER Prep courses
Know a friend or family member who might be interested in learning the tantaslising dance of the Salsa? Why not encourage them to do a beginners course in preparation for the NZ Pacific Salsa Congress 2008 at Danza Latina. All course from now on are valid. Once they have completed our 8 week beginners course they will be ready to participate in the NZ Pacific Salsa Congress at a special discounted price with others who have completed the same course from around New Zealand.

Current Salsa Classes - From 7th Jan 2008

Even if you miss the first couple of weeks you can still join in. Feel Free to wander into any of our running salsa classes to take a look! You can use your concession card in any 'class' you choose. More information on all our salsa classes here... to find out what week these classes are in view the timetable.

salsa timing cd Beginners Salsa - On1 Linear Basics - 8 weeks - Teachers: Reuben & Nikal
Mondays 6:15pm - 7:15pm - enrol Now >
salsa timing cd Beginners Salsa - On1 Linear Basics - 8 weeks - Teachers: Reuben & Vikki
Tuesdays 7:20pm - 8:20pm - enrol Now >
salsa timing cd Improvers Salsa - On1 Linear Fundamentals - 8 weeks - Teachers: Reuben & Nikal
Mondays 7:20pm - 8:20pm - enrol Now >
salsa timing cd Improvers Salsa - On1 Linear Basics - 8 weeks - Teachers: Reuben & Vikki
Tuesdays 8:30pm - 9:30pm - enrol Now >
salsa timing cd Intermediate Salsa - On1 Variations, Combos & Cool moves - Teachers: Reuben & Vikki or Nikal
Mondays 8:30pm - 9:30pm - enrol Now >

Private Lessons

salsa timing cd For beginners who want a head start.
salsa timing cd Learn your basics or to improve your fundamental skills
salsa timing cd Learn at your own pace
salsa timing cd Iron bad habits
salsa timing cd Combined with group classes, private lessons will get you dancing very quickly.
salsa timing cd Quickly highlight areas that may need more practice.
salsa timing cd If you miss a class or level or two you can use these to catch up.
salsa timing cd Advance yourself to the next level in our classes quickly.
salsa timing cd Advanced dancers or Performers who want BIG moves.
salsa timing cd Learn other Latin dance styles.. Cuban, Merengue, Samba, Cha cha cha.

We recommend that you do both private and group classes to feel the greatest benefit. In a private lesson we go through all little details that we can not attend to in group classes. Things such as posture, hand grips, precise timing, spotting and many more as well as cleaning up any bad habits you may pick up along the way. Every individual has their own special needs but when you are in a group class there is no way of giving as much personal attention as we would like to give, this is why we recommend private lessons.
salsa timing cd Bookings & more Prices see this page http://www.danzalatina.co.nz/private-lessons.html
or call/txt Reuben on 021 1311137 ......
Group Bookings also available

Quote of the week

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. ~ Hamilton Wright Mabi







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