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• New 2009 Salsa Timing CD's available, or all levels to practice to. Its the same On1 tracks used in our classes. This now includes a New cha cha training track. $20 each, but if you have a current concession card then these are now at a special price of $10... more below

• Last Wednesday Night Salsa at Foam TONIGHT - Only 1 more Foam Bar Salsa nights left on Wednesdays in January, There is nothing on Wednesdays in February, but we start at the Casino Free Latin Dance classes and Salsa nights on 4th of March. So come down while you can this Wednesday for some practice and a dancing. Located on Bedford Row 9:30pm. More Below..
• Loaded Hog Salsa Nights on Thursdays 9:30pm, great place to practice those new moves, come down for a drink and a dance, every Thursday Night. Cnr Cashel St & Manchester St.. more below
• Cha Cha On2 Linear Workshops (2 week course) with Reuben & Vikki, just started on Wednesday 21st Jan 2009. Still not to late to join in. For Beginners, On2 timing and basic moves 6:15pm & Improver/Intermediate On2 combo 7:15pm... more below
• Sydney Salsa Congress - this weekend, one of the largest Salsa events in the southern hemisphere with 3 days and nights of Salsa performances, workshops and more, check out the congress here> http://www.sydneysalsacongress.com.au
• New Beginners Salsa Class - Mon 9th Feb 7:30pm. Our next new beginners class starting in February is starting soon. Mention to all your friends to come along for a First Free class.. more below
• Zumba Classes are running now until the 5th of February and then returning on the 14th of March. More>
• Samba - Marcela will be away and Vicky will be taking Samba on the 5th of February untill 12th. She will be teaching the basic steps of samba an also she will go over some routines that we did before, so it is a great moment for beginners to join in. Also she will put emphasis in both ladies and guys body Movements.. more >
• Tango - 3 New Tango courses starting on the 21st March, Beginners, Improvers & Intermediate on Saturdays.. more>
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Timetable of Classes & Dance Events
Salsa Dancing
M 26
T 27
W 28
T 29
F 30
S 31
S 1
Salsa Class 6:15pm

Salsa Class 6:15pm
Cha Cha On2 Workshop Week2 6:15pm
Zumba 12:15pm Zumba Latin Dance Fitness Class 6pm Tango Classes Beginners 2 10am week4 Sydney Salsa Congress Australia
Nia Classes 5:30pm
Salsa Class
7:30pm week7
Salsa Class 7:30pm week3
Imrpover & Int
Cha Cha Workshop Week2 7:15pm
Samba Axé Dance Class 7pm Ibis Latin Night, 107 Hereford St - 8:30pm Tango Classes Intermediate 11am week4
Salsa Class 8:30pm week7
Salsa Class 8:30pm
Beginners Lindy Hop 8:30pm Performance Salsa Course 8pm week3 Sydney Salsa Congress Australia Mex Cafe Latin Dance NIght 11pm
Salsa @ Foam 30 Bedford Row 9:30pm Loaded Hog Salsa Night 'Macs' Cnr Cashel & Manchester St 9:30pm Sydney Salsa Congress Australia
M 2
T 3
W 4
T 5
F 6
S 7
S 8
Salsa Class 6:15pm

Salsa Class 6:15pm
Zumba 12:15pm Salsa Sabrosa team practice 12pm
Nia Classes 5:30pm
Salsa Class
7:30pm week8
Salsa Class 7:30pm week4
Samba Axé Dance Class 7pm
Salsa Class 8:30pm week8
Salsa Class 8:30pm
Beginners Lindy Hop 8:30pm Performance Salsa Course 8pm week4 Ibis Latin Night, 107 Hereford St - 8:30pm
Loaded Hog Salsa Night 'Macs' Cnr Cashel & Manchester St 9:30pm
Note: Events & Parties are highlighted in light grey - See the Full monthly timetable here>

Cha Cha On2 Workshops - Tonight
Salsa Dancing
• Dates: Wednesday Nights - 21st & 28th January 2009
Linear Cha Cha On2 dancing (2 weeks Course). x2 Beginners Classes & x2 Imp/Int Classes.
You will also learn about On2 dancing in general.
cha cha cha dance
• Beginners Cha Cha On2 - 6:15pm
If you have never danced, at a beginners level or have never dance Cha steps this is the recommened class to learn the Cha Cha On2 Basics and timing. You will also learn a beginners combo and some footwork.
• Improver/Intermediate Cha Cha On2 - 7:15pm
A solid understanding of Salsa is needed to join this level, and it's recommened you know how to dance Cha Cha On2 before joining this level. You will learn a Cool Cha combo & moves with some new footwork.
• Cha cha cha Linear On2. Emphasis on timing, leading skills, variations, fundamentals moves, positioning, body isolation and you will learn more complex moves. This is also be a great introduction to on2 in general.
• What if I missed the first one? We will review the previous week so you can join either week. So you can join in week#2.
• Cost? $15 per workshop or $25 for 2 weeks or $50 for all 4 workshops.
• Teachers Reuben & Vikki
Enrol in this salsa class Enrol Now online, join anytime >
• Location: Danza Latina Studio 160 Manchester St - see the location details & map here>
Where did Cha come from? The cha-cha-chá is unusual as dance music genres go in that its creation can be attributed to a single composer (Orovio 1981:130). In 1951, Cuban composer and violinist Enrique Jorrín introduced the cha-cha-chá to Cuban dance floors while playing with Orquesta América. According to Jorrín, the sound made by the shoes of the dancers on the floor sounded like "cha-cha-cha", while they tried to follow the new rhythm that, at the beginning, was simply called "mambo-rumba". In 1953, his La Engañadora and Silver Star became recorded hits. In early days, this dance and its music were both known as "triple mambo" or "mambo with guiro rhythm". The name 'Cha-Cha' is the component of a bell which kept the dancers in time and made a 'cha' sound. (like a metronome). This is why Cha is danced (On2) because it comes from Mambo which is danced On2 also!!!

NEW Beginner Salsa Course - Mondays 9th Feb
Salsa Dancing
• Start date: Mondays 9th February 2009

Learn to Dance Salsa - Free First Dance Lesson

• Time: 7:30 - 8:30pm (every week for 8 weeks)
• Teachers: Vikki & Reuben
Salsa Class (Linear salsa On1) Learn Salsa dance basics and motion. No Dance partner required & no experience needed. This course is purely Salsa. You can join anywhere up to week2 if you have never danced Salsa! ...tell all your friends so they can join in!
Enrol in this salsa class FREE 1st Class - Join in Now >
Danza Latina Studio Location: 160 Manchester St, (Cnr Manchester & Hereford St Upstairs- Level1) Christchurch, New Zealand. See the map for further details.

NEW Improvers Salsa Course - Mondays 9th Feb
Salsa Dancing
• Start date: Mondays 9th February
• Time: 8:30 - 9:30 (every week for 8 weeks)
• Teachers: Vikki & Reuben
Salsa Class (Linear salsa On1) Salsa Fundamentals. This is the most important level you will ever learn, its the foundation to linear salsa. It's worth repeating this level no matter what level you are, Improver, Intermediate or Advanced you can still improve your foundation. It's highly recommended you have completed 8 weeks of beginners class before joining this level. Remember if you find our intermediate a struggle, do this level as well as intermediate to help. You will pick up more details second or third time round, no matter what level you are.
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Danza Latina Studio Location: 160 Manchester St, (Cnr Manchester & Hereford St Upstairs- Level1) Christchurch, New Zealand. See the map for further details.

Hip Hop Dance Classes with Leia
Salsa Dancing
Starting: Friday 13th February and every Friday after
• Beginner/Intermediate Class - Friday 7:30pm
Hip Hop Dance Classes Christchurch
Intermediate Hip Hop lessons
• Instructor
- Leia, Hip Hop Dancer & Choreograher
• FREE 1st Lesson
Hip Hop Class Prices:
- Free First Class
- Casual class $10
- Hip Hop Concession cards $50 (6 classes)
Level: The classes are for beginner/intermediate dancers with a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
Hip Hop Style: The dancing styles will be a mix of Hip-hop, Rhythm and a little Crump. All moves are original and easy to learn, but look phat when pulled off!
What will I learn?: Students will learn the basics of how to hip-hop dance and how to keep to the beat. They will be taught a dance set which will change every few weeks and build up to be a set routine for a performance. Dancers have the option to try out to be apart of the crew which will form throughout the year.
• Contact Teacher: Leia - 021 0241 0038
Leia Carlton started dancing at the age of 12, was involved in performing arts for many years. At the age 13 she started attending Hip-Hop classes. From there she performed locally with various crews and built a rep for herself until she was asked to be a part of the Hip-Hop Dance crew “ZION”. From there she has moved around dropping her talent on many different crews helping others as she went. Now she is taking over with her own hip-hop class in 09’.
• Registration - not required, just turn up on the night.
Location: Danza Latina Studio - 160 Manchester St, Level1
view map and more details here >

Latin Dance Festival - Christchurch 2009
Salsa Dancing
Saturday 28th February 2009
Latin Dance Festival Christchurch New Zealand
Latin Dance Festival, Celebrating Latin Culture.
The festival features Latin dancers performing: -
Argentine Tango, Cuban Salsa, NY Salsa and Brazilian Samba along with local and national dance clubs, dance workshops & Live band. Latin food and lots of dance!
Performances Including: Danza Latina - Reuben & Vikki & Salsa Sabrosa
MC: Aaron Gilmore
Location & Times:
- Victoria square 10am to 3pm (Free Admission).
- Town Hall 7.30 pm.
Tickets from Ticketek (Service fees apply)"
See you at the festival!
Contacts: Maria and Denise 2x4 Passion, Spirit and Dance Trust
Latin Dance Festival - T: (03) 377 6941
Website: http://www.latindancefestival.co.nz

Free Latin Dance Class @ Christchurch Casino - Wed 4th March
Salsa Dancing
Dates: Wednesdays, Starting 4th March 2009
also including these following dates: 11th & 18th March, 8th, 15th & 22nd April 2009

casino salsa
Reuben & Marcela

• Free Beginners Latin Dance Class 7:30pm
Teachers: Reuben & Marcela will teach all the basics of Merengue along with a new beginner combo each week along with the salsa basic step. Anyone from absolute beginner to more advanced can join. Register online & come any week. You could also just turn up on the day and join in and stick around for the social dancing afterwards. (as advertised on More FM & The Edge radio) - Enrol you and your friends now there is limited space!
Enrol in this salsa class Register for a FREE classes here>
• Salsa & Merengue Practice time: 8:30pm
Practice all you dance moves learnt in class at Danza Latina or Casino during this hour, its free fun and nice & hot! We will play Merengue & slower Salsa songs to practice & warm up to.
• Social Salsa Dancing Night 9:30pm
DJ SLS, Salsa, Cha, Merengue & Bachata music playing all night to dance to! Come down and have some hot salsa dancing. Dress to impress!
salsa FREE Entry all night & everyone is welcome at any time.
Please buy drinks at the Bar to support this free night! (to keep it FREE) There are 2 restaurants in the casino, one of them is 24hr why not make a night of it!
Location: 30 Victoria Street, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Casino's DRESSCODE Smart and neat presentation is required at all times. AGE LIMIT R20

Salsa Timing for Dancers CD (4th edition - 2009)
Salsa Dancing

New Timing Salsa CD (2009) contains essential timing, rhythms & music for salsa dancers. it's for beginners to advanced levels. It contains counts so you can get used to stepping in time with salsa and give you not only music to practice to, but knowledge of how salsa music is constructed, so you can become a better dancer. Danza Latina uses tracks from this CD in its classes, it will train your brain to stay in time. This CD has a total of 13 tracks and tempos ranging from slow to med paced songs and now includes a bonus cha cha percussion track.

Salsa Timing CD

© Danza Latina Ltd, sampled, composed and produced by Reuben 2007

Tracks 1-8 Salsa Rhythms - Include variations of the following: 3-2 Clave, 2-3 Clave, Conga, Congas, cowbell On1 counts, Bongos, Drums, shakers, & bass.
Tracks 9-12 Instrumental Salsa - On1 counts and composed Instrumentals
*NEW - Track 13 Cha cha - Cha Cha percussion timing
Price : RRP $20 each (NZ$)
Special Price: $10 if you hold a current Danza Latina Salsa Concession Card and purchase at our studio during class times (NZ$)
How to purchase:
• To purchase direct just come in during class times.
• To order online fill out the form here >

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~ Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. ~ Author Unknown

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